Recent Events

Private Party in Gay's DRIVEWAY…can't wait to meet everyone! July 23 2014

You can book one in YOUR driveway and enjoy some Style Delivered freebies for being a hostess!!

Wonderful night at Druanne Cummin's driveway…proceeds to benefit the 5K Speak Up charity!! June 20 2014

Although the weather was a little iffy, it was a great night of neighbors coming together to be together and support this cause, dear to everyone's hearts. People loved the t-shirt scarves, top extenders and the handmade Cambodian fish net clutch bags and everyday purses from Five Accessories! Dru served wine, some appetizers and her 16 year old fashion beauty daughter came out and shopped as well!  What a fun night. Consider doing the same thing in your driveway…pick a charity and lets go. As I like to say, "sometimes the best things just come to you!"