My Story

For years I've loved sharing beautiful products and helping customers discover great looks.  After two and a half years of selling at local fairs, I wanted a simpler way to set up and display the over 20 different artists that I carry in my collection. Inspired by the flourishing food truck industry, I thought
"If the food trucks can do it, why can't I?" With a huge leap of faith, I invested in a brand new Mercedes Sprinter Van and had it transformed into an intimate boutique with hard wood floors, couches and mirrored shelving. Style Delivered became one of Richmond, Virginia's first mobile retail boutiques.

The Style Delivered Van can park in driveways for home trunk shows and personal styling sessions, or pull into parking lots for corporate events, fundraisers and community fairs.  Click on the section, "Host an Event" to see how easy it is to plan something in your driveway. 

The shopping experience is not the only unique part of Style Delivered.  The products are unique as well, often hand-crafted and from eco-friendly, fair trade artists. Customers can sport scarves sewn from recycled t-shirts, purses made from mosquito netting, and belts built from recycled tire inner tubes. I choose the artists not just because of their back story, but because I love them as works of art and would wear everything myself!

Yes, you can enjoy shopping without ever leaving your driveway!  

Now STYLE can be delivered with just a click...on the web site that is!! 

Sometimes the best things just come to you.